Latest News: our team including Prof. Maosheng Yao and graduate student Yunhao Zheng flied with our onsite infection screening system to Huhehot in response to an emergent ICU 2-year-old case with an unknown infection. Here is the full report: 北大博导赴内蒙古救患儿
9th PKU Bioaerosol Bulletin

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    Our work “Microbial Aerosol Characteristics in Highly Polluted and Near Pristine Environments Featuring Different Climatic Conditions” was featured by AAAS EurekAlert & Asian Scientist! -->>More

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Maosheng Yao

Maosheng Yao, PhD(要茂盛 博士) “百人计划“特聘研究员、博士生导师”

100 Scholar Program”Professor College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering Peking University, Beijing 100871, China Email:

Ph: +86 010 6276 7282